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Why do Boston Terriers cost so much?? 

I think it's important for prospective families to understand not only the cost, but dedication a good breeder puts into each and every litter that is produced. Below are some costs associated with every litter I produce.
A good example  of some costs related to breeding are (depending on the vet, costs can vary)    ~
(Pre breeding)
Health certifications ~ $300 - 500
Hormone testing ~ $250
Brucellosis testing (Dog STD's) ~ $125
Stud fees ~ $500 - 800 depending on male
(Maternity costs)
Vet check ups ~ $100
Ultrasounds ~ $75
X - Rays ~ $75
Special supplements & vitamins ~ $95
C section ~ $650 - 850
(emergency C sections can be in the $1200 - 1600 range)
(Puppy costs)
Dew Claw removal ~ $55 per puppy
Puppy formula for extra feedings and switching to food ~ $55
Vet checks ~ $350
Shots ~ $250
Puppy care packs to go home with (everything you need aside from a collar and crate) ~ $85+ per puppy

If Mom or Puppies encounter complications, the costs can increase greatly.