Past Puppies



These are some great photos of past puppies. They were sent to us by their new families. We like to stay in contact as the babies grow. It's so fun to see them!


You can click on any of the photos to see them full sized.


Deisel, one of Nilla's babies @ 7 mo old.
Iris, a beautiful little girl from Ivy's first litter.

Guiness, a future show girl! A sister to Holly and Iris from Ivy's first litter

Below is Aldo and Rocco! Both past puppies of ours. Aldo is the bigger one, and Rocco is Blossom's baby boy. His family is hopeful that he'll turn out to be thier first show baby!

This is Olive, sister to Rocco.



Deisel and his Mommy Jessica.
Here are some more photos of Aldo and Rocco. Aldo is the "big" one, these were taken shortly after Rocco came home.