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Hopefully I will be able to answer most of the questions you might have about the puppy process. If you have a question I didn't address here, feel free to email me.

It is incredibly important to me that I find the very best homes for my babies. I am very selective about where they go as it's my job to make sure they are placed in their forever homes.

 I like to get to know potential families so I can help them make the best choice for their family. Telling me about yourself, family members, and what you're wanting in a puppy will help me offer advice on what puppies might be a good match.

I encourage families to take their time and really find the puppy that fits their energy level. Bostons have a good range in energy, and knowing what would work best with your family will help you find the right puppy. Are you an avid jogger? Than a more active puppy would be a great match for you. Are you a retired couple looking for a cuddle bug? Than a more mellow puppy would be your match.

I am very selective about breeding. My goal is to produce an exceptional puppy with equal pieces of the pie being ~ Health, breed standard, and temperament . Unfortunately, many breeders are willing to give on things like temperament (attitude), or even health over looks. That's where its very important to get to know the potential parents of your puppy. It is MY belief that Boston Terriers that spend their lives in a kennel can and will get depressed, and then become high strung if their needs are not being met. High strung mothers make high strung babies.

Below are some common questions I get emails about.....

Q. How do you choose the males for your girls? I carefully choose each mate for my girls by their needs, and what I'm trying to improve on. No dog is perfect, and its important not to double up on a fault. For that reason, each girl needs something different. No matter how pretty the boy might be, they must also have a wonderful temperament, pass all health certifications, AND come from a good home environment.

Q. Do you require families to show / breed puppies? No. My # 1 goal is for them to be a treasured family member FIRST. If I have a family interested in a show puppy, that's great, and I'm more than happy to help get you started. But I don't require it. I will let a show quality puppy go to a pet home, the only difference in a show quality vs. pet quality would be the price.
There are several reasons why a person might want a show quality puppy, aside from showing and breeding. Someone interested in doing sporting events (agility, rally, etc) might want a very well built dog with proper angles and build for longevity and joint health. Some people want a show quality puppy because they want a superior representaiton of the breed.
A pet quality puppy would have aspects that would rule them out for show show / breeding. Things like incorrect markings, incorrect gait (walking), bite, proportions, or angles that may rule them out as an excellent representation of the breed standard. That's how puppies are designated as show or pet quality. It's not that they have to show or breed, it's on the individual quality of the dog.
It is my job to produce the best, healthiest, most well adjusted puppy possible, and place them with only the very best families. As long as they're loved, and well cared for, I don't believe in telling families that they have to show.

Q. How do I reserve a puppy?  Some breeders take deposits before puppies arrive, and some wait for the puppies to be 8 wks. I don't feel comfortable taking any money until a family is 100% sure a specific puppy is perfect for them. I encourage families to come visit several times, play with the puppies, and ask any questions you might have so you can make an informed choice. I like my puppies to be 5 - 6 weeks old for pet puppies, and closer to 8 - 10 wks for show potential puppies, before you put down a deposit. A $500 deposit holds your puppy for you, and the remainder is due via cash or money order the day you pick up your baby.

Q. Do you have a form for potential families to fill out?  No because I like to get to know families personally. I like to talk on the phone, or in person so I can know more about where a puppy would be going, and I don't feel that I get a good sense of a family through a piece of paper.

Q. Can I choose a puppy from the photos on the Puppies page and send a deposit to reserve them? Sorry, I require EVERY PERSON that will be living with the puppy to come to my house at least 1 time before the baby goes home. This is a big commitment, and it's important to me that everyone be on board. It sets the puppy, and the family up for better success.

I DO NOT ship my puppies, EVER. It's far to hard on them, and I'm just not comfortable doing that. Sorry! I am willing to drive to meet you 1/2 way if you make the drive once, and find a match. I have had families fly to come get their baby so they can ride up in the cabin with them. I am willing to do that, we just wait till the puppy is at least 10 - 12 we


I absolutley LOVE what I do. For me, part of that process is sending my babies off with pretty much everything they'll need aside from a collar and a crate.

Below is an example of what a typical puppy kit contains, though each pack is customized for each baby / family.

Bed, crate pad, or blanket (depending on season)

Fleece tug toys

Small squeak toys

Loofah Chews (great for their teeth)

Small rope toys (also great for teeth)

Puppy shampoo

Urine cleaner spray

Puppy food, treats, and info on choosing the food that is right for you
Jacket or sweater (depending on season)
Nail clippers
Food dish
Their first dose of Revlolution flea / parasite treatment
TONS of info on training and health issues that pertain to your new puppy
You can see a photo of my last puppy kit on the "Puppies" page.