Blossoms & Beaus Holly Berry

 Holly's first win!!! This was at the Puyallup dog show on June 8th, 2008. We're so proud! She was very tired by the time we got to the pictures though, lol.

THANK YOU ANN for handling my girls!!!! You're the best

Holly "showing" for a treat. She's evened out more since this picture was done. She loves to show off!


This is how Holly likes to sleep with her Mommy Ivy. The problem is that Holly's getting too big for this, look at Ivy's face! Holly is on the top, Ivy is on the bottom.


Holly and Courtney. Holly is 4 months old in this photo

Holly and Ivy

Holly @ 12 weeks old. Black and white photos were taken by Just Jaded Photography


The photos below are of Holly @ 7 weeks old.



This is Blossoms & Beaus Holly Berry.(Holly) She is Ivy's daughter. (Mtn. View's Ivy Darling)

Holly's daddy is Butch. (Ch. Burnett's Little Bully Butch)

Holly is our "Brat". Cute and she nows it. Sassy, and desires all attention on her. Which means she LOVES to show!

 Holly isn't aware that she actually is smaller than the rest of our dogs, lol.  Though she was our "big Bertha" of her litter, she's stayed petie like her mommy. At 1 year old, she weighs in at 12lbs 1oz. We expect her to fill out a little more over the next few months.

She is very sweet with us humans, and would ike nothing better than to spend her days cuddling with her mommy or kissing her humans. (both at the same time if possible)