Fun Photos
Our Bostons are truly part of our family. Enjoy some of our favorite photos of the whole gang. Even the 2 legged kids! I am a stay home / home schooling / foster mom. We have a 9 year old and a 2 year old. The 4 legged kids are Magnolia (Maggie) , Ivy, Violet, and Holly.  Life is never slow around here! Just the way we like it.  :o) 

 New pictures added!

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Holly and Ivy sleep in some of the weirdest positions! Here, Holly is trying to get in Ivy's sunny spot.

 Our first good weather of the season, and the whole gang is out "sunning" on the deck. The extra Boston Is Cathy Jone's girl. She gave birth later that night.

Our girls out enjoying the pool before the kids could this year!


Two against two, well, at least it's fair!


Violet, thinking about taking the plunge. The pool is about 3 ft deep at this point. She did eventually decide to go for it.

Ivy and Aster cuddling

Courtney and Blossom @ Halloween

Blossom and Ivy cuddling (Blossom is on the left, Ivy is on the right)

Who's there?

Courtney's first Jr. Handling experience! Maggie is her dog.

Courtney and Maggie after a long day.

Our future Vet!

Max! Also Known As ~ Blossom's surrogate baby.




 Tug of war! A Boston Playdate

Holly in her "disguise" Last Halloween.  :oP

Holly and Ivy cuddling again. Their favorite past time.

Courtney and Maggie at Agility practice. They moved up to Advanced on their first day! 

Courtney and Maggie working on Agility together. 


" I just can't look!"

Aster, selflessly helping clean Alex's high chair.

Our first litter of Bostons!

A puppy from Blossom's first litter

Blossom with her first litter of babies.

How many Bostons can fit in one bed?

Alex loving Ivy

Courtney scrubbed in on Ivy's C section. She was so exited!