Courtney oliver. :0)
my offical web page for me to share with the world.

My pets are Maggie, Beaker and Mon.

                               me scrubing up for maggie's c-section. (ann dillons maggie)

             me and MY dog maggie sleeping,maggie is six and a half. 


 Max was my old hammy ,he died last halloween. :(

       my brother alex and ivy cuddling.

Maggie and I are angels.


talk about bed head. :D lol

I did not get a very good sleep that night......

Little rocco he he.

Hi ,this is my web page as many of you know I went to KOMO 4 and went world wide from there,I have been a very lucky girl to work with many people at my loacal  vet office ,my perents are very proud of what I am doing and my friends were very suportave . Make sure to check out our dogs too, thanx . :0)