Golden Chi Lin Baila Snowqueen
Baila has a very special story. After we were chosen to be her family, I embarked on a trip half way around the world to bring this special girl home! In Late June 2011, I went to a small town, just outside Zurich, Switzerland. 
Thanks to the hospitality of Susanne, and her husband, I stayed at their house, bonded with Baila, got to know her wonderful pack of dogs, and even got to go out and see how truly beautiful Switzerland is! 
Below are a few photos from our journey. (Photos are arranged in order of oldest to newest)

And after a VERY long journey, Baila was finally HOME.
This is sweet, and yet again, very brave baby Baila on my lap around 2am. We were stranded at JFK airport for 10 hours, making our 17 hour journey into a 27 hour one. That was when she truly bonded to me, and became my little side kick. We walked the airport, and were quite the spectacle, but she was such the little trooper, I was so proud.
LOOK! Baila was SO excited to spot her first New York  City Cab!! She was so interested, and not at all scared by all the noise, and action. Being incredibly brave beyond her age.
WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES BAILA! Her first pic on US soil, taken at JFK airport. She was peeking out of her carrier at the customs agents.  :o)
One last coffee with Susanne, her husband, and Baila before it's time to go the airport. It was hard to say goodbye to my new friends. And I know how hard it was for them to say goodbye to the baby they had loved so much and given such wonderful care to. I will never forget this trip, for so many reasons.
My USA passport, next to Baila's Swiss passport.
Baila and I at Mariastien, a BEAUTIFUL monastery in Switzerland. The dogs are allowed to go just about everywhere there, it's so wonderful to be able to go to restaurants with your furry family member. 
Bonding and playing together.

Learning to stack like a big girl.
9 weeks
at 7 weeks old
 playing in the garden
Baila, with her litter mate, Baghira with Susanne. (in Switzerland)
Baila at 6 weeks old. This is one of the photos that made us fall in love with her.  :)

We are incredibly excited and honored to announce the arrival of Baila Snowqueen!
Baila was bred by Susanne Urban of Golden Chi Lin Boston Terriers - . 
Baila is a more reserved girl around new people, but quickly warms up, and becomes very attached to "her" group. She's incredibly intelligent, you can often find her watching us humans intently to figure out what we're doing. She loves to be where ever we are, and is quite the cuddler as well. 
 Baila and Poppy are 7 days apart in age, making them the very best of friends, they're practically inseparable.